Image scan when passing through the vehicle The image of the bottom of the vehicle is automatically displayed
on the monitor in color with the camera, allowing you to check in real time whether explosives or weapons are hidden.
You can scan sub images regardless of vehicle speed (less than 30 km / h) and length.

Purpose of Use

Monitoring the under portion of the vehicle that enters security area


- Under Vehicle Monitoring System, Central Control Unit, Vehicle Number Plate Recognizer (Optional)

Characteristic of product

Dual Under Vehicle Monitoring System for Hybrid Vehicle applicable built-in type and projected type both

Automatic monitoring for the hidden explosive matters and arms under the vehicle

Simultaneous saving for exterior appearance and number plate of vehicle

Capable of 8 times Magnification and print-out for the stored image

Proceeding of objective vehicles with normal speed on the scanner on the surface of road

Capable to provide in types of fixed or portable

Strengthen the operational efficiency by the network configuration dual monitor support

Display image of under vehicle on monitor after auto-scanning for the passed vehicle

Specification of product

Line Scan Camera

Classification Data
Camera Color Digital Lin Scan Camera
Sensor Type Tri Liner
Proceeding Speed Proceed with normal speed on the scanner
Viewing Angle 180 °
Lights LED

Central Control Unit (CPU & PSU)

Classification Data
Processor Quad-core
Memory 2GB
Hard Disc 500GB or Higher
Monitor 32 Inch Dual Monitor



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