ACAM-40 plus is a main controller produced by D&S Technology for access control system. Based on the information delivered from connected server, ACAM-40 plus verifies passers’ authentication on entry gate reader and controls the gate depending on the authentication result. Besides, it records and manages entry history of the gate and reports the result to the server. Also, ACAM-40 plus processes output by receiving the entry of surrounding sensor through I/O extension using entry 4 port, output 4 port and RS485.

Product specification

Network management type distributed processing system
Various control function

- Output control due to card reader, output control due to input point interlocking, remote output control

Alarm surveillance

By using the basic 4 types of input and extension input modules, it supports alarm sensor access, trespassing surveillance and intrusion detection on forcefully opening the gate. It also supports functions like input point user NO/NC assignment, disconnection, short circuit alarm status indication.

Various CARD compatibility technology support

It can be used in various environments as it supports all types of card compatibility technology including Magnetic Stripe, Wiegand26, 34, and Mifare. (Card Interface Module installation)

Time Code setting management through built-in clock
Self-diagnostic function and system abnormality indication function
Real Time Data Processing due to Multitasking OS Kernel
Security reinforcement with password module

Product Specification

Category Model Name
CPU PXA255_200MHz
Data Memory 32MB SDRAM
Program Memory 32MB NAND Flash
Console Port RS232 Port main console
Ethernet CS8900A (10BaseT) 2 Port
RS-485 Port 4 serial ports for controlling
DI 4 Port digital inpu
DO 4 Port digital output
DIP S/W 4 Input 4 DIP switches
4 LED 4 status indication LED
MK712 Touch input (Option)
TFT LCD TFT output (Option)
KEYPAD I/F 16 key input (Option)
AC97 Sound output (Option)
* Real Time Clock selection

Product Function

Mass digital controller (Mass digital controller suitable for large system)

01 Available capacity: 100,000 persons (200,000 cases of optional specification)

02 Number of event preservation cases: 100,000 cases (200,000 cases of optional specification)

03 Basic 8 card readers (16 card readers of optional specification)

04 16 Input Module (Max 64 INPUT)

05 16 Output Module (Max 64 OUTPUT)

06 Easy to check disconnection and error of wiring by selecting Supervisor Input

Selection of Real Time OS Kernel for the first time in Korea

Efficient processing using real time processing function of input data and Multi-Thread

01 Real-time processing of all data by applying 32Bit CPU selection and RTOS technology

02 5 times higher speed of polling time compared to foreign-made product with same specification

03 Bi-directional communication between PC and controller

Real time data transmission using network

As it functions like internet router, it is possible to connect TCP / IP 4 ports simultaneously and it is safe to use as it functions as emergency port in time of emergency. Also, it is possible to transmit mass data.

Network distributed processing system

Even in times of abnormality in operating computer, ACAM-40 plus can be operated independently.

01 Control execution based on downloaded default set value

02 Record over 20,000 input data in Buffer

03 Data upload after communication restoration with the HOST

Built-in self-diagnosis function

In case of abnormality in ACAM-40plus controller, it shows causes of failure through segment and sends signal to user so that it can easily be repaired.


CCTV Matrix Switcher Interface

CARD issue system Interface

Global Anti-Passback actualization

Elevator Operating Control function

WEB management

Supports various interface functions

Construction Case

Installation areas Shanghai, China

Installation areas Beijing, China

Installation areas Manila, Philippine

Installation areas Tokyo,Japan

Installation areas Embassy complex in Muscat
Oman in Middle East

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