System security includes access control system, image surveillance system, telephone tapping prevention system, intrusion detection, bulletproof film, lower part of vehicle detector and the security is to protect and prevent intellectual asset from external threat.

Image Surveillance System

System Summary

Image Surveillance System is an integrated crime prevention, surveillance system which enables the control center to control and execute intensive surveillance in termination point through image signal and information signal by installing surveillance camera and sensor in and out of project sites. Therefore, it prevents trespassing in advance, preserves and manages data in time of accident which promptly and accurately determines circumstances to take adequate measures. It results in higher task performance efficiency and minimization of loss of assets and lives.

Purpose of Introduction

Reinforcement of
outsiders’ entry control

Prevention of trespassing
and sudden accidents

Utilization of entry data in
times of accident

System Design Plan

The base of image surveillance system is not only on human protection from various crimes and natural disasters but also on providing assistance for smooth security management. The objective of the system is to efficiently prevent and deal with various crimes, disasters through automatic surveillance on major facilities that require strong security. Therefore, the system is designed by setting environment that best suits corresponding situation for smooth maintenance.

Application Case

Inside view is available through CCTV

In case of controlling outside vehicle entry,
it is reported through CCTV.
The bar goes up for insiders.

Telephone Tapping Prevention System

System Summary

Eavesdropping equipment is usually installed inside or outside of specific area to steal information or conversation delivered through transmission equipment. It is important to recognize that illegal eavesdroppers can tap several kilometers away from victim by using various types of eavesdropping equipment. Moreover, unlike telephone tapping detection system that only detects illegal eavesdropping using wired/wireless devices or other devices, telephone tapping prevention system, on the other hand, provides adequate prevention measures with the applications of system that prevents leakage of important information in advance on various eavesdropping technologies.

Purpose of Introduction

Behaviors of Information collection are being performed in diverse methods, be it among nations for political, economic benefits, or among corporations for different benefits. Among them, leakage of political and economic confidences due to telephone tapping is practically the weakest part resulting enormous loss as it is difficult to find out whether the information has been actually leaked. In case of eavesdropping through wired/ wireless equipment, it is possible to prevent eavesdropping in advance through signs or proactive detection (checking eavesdropping through telephone tapping detection system) whereas there are not much solutions for eavesdropping that uses laser or microwave intermittently and performed outside. It is essential to install eavesdropping prevention system for consistent management.

Product Picture

Listening with eavesdropping equipment

Bulletproof Film

Bulletproof Film Summary

SafetyZoneT, multi-layered safety & security film is renowned for its visual transparency and cleanliness. Such quality is the outcome of the company’s strict regulations on using the highest quality polyester film, usage of transparent glue, and meeting the strict ISO 9001quality assurance standard. Unlike other similar products distributed in the market, SafetyZoneTM does not leave yellowish marks and does not deform. The product selection should be determined only after checking competitive price, function and professional installation depending on facility environment. The types of transparent SafetyZoneTM films are 4, 7, 8 mil and 12, 15mil and they vary in resistance level against impact generated from explosion and natural disasters. Especially, the scratch prevention coating applied on the outer side protects the film. Moreover, SafetyZoneTM film is produced through lamination with Silver, Matte, Cold Steel films, the solar heat controlling film that blocks dazzling and heat.

Solution for Glass Protection

01 Hold damaged glass pieces.

02 It has been coated so that it can prevent double scratch.

03 It is transparent.

04 It is made up of flexible multilayered composition.

05 It uses pressure sensitive glue.

Film Composition


01 Scratch-resistant coating

02 Colorless transparent 0.1mm PET film

03 Electromagnetic field treatment

04 0.02mm impact absorption glue

05 0.023mm scrap paper

06 Glass


01 Scratch-resistant coating

02 Colorless transparent 0.1mm PETfilm

03 0.01mm impact absorption glue

04 Colorless transparent 0.1mm PETfilm

05 Electromagnetic field treatment

06 0.02mm impact absorption glue

07 0.023mm scrap paper

08 Glass

12 MIL

01 Scratch-resistant coating

02 Colorless transparent 0.1mm PETfilm

03 0.01mm impact absorption glue

04 Colorless transparent 0.1mm PETfilm

05 0.01mm impact absorption glue

06 Colorless transparent 0.1mm PETfilm

07 Electromagnetic field treatment

08 0.02mm impact absorption glue

09 0.023mm scrap paper

10 Glass

Types of Crime Prevention

Security safety film is manufactured by putting cohesive force on regular glass for the purpose of bulletproof, crime prevention, and protection from very strong physical impact such as theft, trespassing and more. It has excellent tensile strength, high durability and fragmentation resistance level against physical impact with adjustable thickness. The product has different colors such as colorless, transparent film which produces almost no scattering effect, silver stainless steel color and more

Security window and electric shutter: Regular security measures to prevent intrusion through windows

- Strength: Most commonly used security measure as these are affordable compared to other equipment and relatively effective.

- Weakness: Cannot be used as emergency exit in times of fire or emergency, causes visual discomfort (declines product promotion)

Sensor: Device that primarily detects intrusion

- Strength: Provides psychological stability through cutting-edge technology and mobilization of professional security manpower

- Weakness: Possibility of false alarm (weather, animals), malfunctioning of devices, possibility of mobilization delay, cost of maintenance

Guard: Protection by employing guard manpower

Security safety film: Strengthens glass rupture property by attaching it on glass- it is attachment-type film which does not change appearance after installation

- Strength

01 Drastic decrease in possibility of glass damage as it enhances glass strength by 4~ 20 times

02 Difficult to trespass as glass does not break into pieces even when damaged

03 Easy for insiders to escape in case of natural disasters like storm, earthquake or fire

04 90 ~ 99% sunblock (Prevention of discoloration of objects inside, prevention of skin aging)

- Weakness: Not possible to reuse the film

Detail Effect

01 Prevents theft or intrusion

The installation of security safety film enhances glass strength by 5 ~20 times which is hard to damage glass and even when glass breaks due to consecutive impacts, strong adhesiveness of film holds the glass that it prevents outsiders from intrusion.

02 Protection from fire, gas explosion from neighbors and typhoons

It protects users from outside explosion and it is easier for users to exit in case of emergency such as fire. In case of security window bars, it is almost impossible for users to exit in emergency situations and it is the primary cause of loss of lives.

03 Maximization of product promotion effect as it does not require shutter installation

It protects from discoloration of objects or decorations inside due to ultraviolet rays. It has product promotion effects at night.

04 Life protection from indoor & outdoor glass damage

Even when glass breaks due to strong external impact, it strongly holds glass pieces.

05 Maintains aesthetic value of glass window

Security window bars cause discomfort as the bars shut down openness whereas the security safety film widely opens the view.

Lower Part of Vehicle Detector

Product Purpose

Inspect lower part of vehicle as security zone

Product Composition

- Scanner section, controlling section (Touch screen monitor)

- Vehicle number identifier (Option)M

Product Features

After vehicle passes through, the image shown below gets automatically scanned to be shown on monitor

Automatically searches for explosive materials, weapons hidden in lower part of terrorists’ vehicle

With additional installation of cameras, car appearance and vehicle number will be saved simultaneously

Possible to print and enlarge search image by 8 times

Target vehicle will be scanned in regular speed

Possible to supply as fixed or mobile detector

Strengthening management efficiency due to network composition and dual monitor support

Product Specification

Line scan camera

Category Data
Camera Color digital line scan camera
Sensor type Tri Liner
Pixel size 14㎛×14㎛
Performance speed Regular speed
Lens 15mm, f 2.8
Clock 180 °
Light LED light set

Centralized control device (CPU & PSU)

Category Data
Processor P4 3.2GHz
Memory 2GB
Hard disk Over 500GB
Touch screen 24’’ touch screen method

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